Construction Financing

Monberg has a vast network of real estate investors for construction projects. We pride ourselves on seeking out debt financing opportunities that are underserved by institutional capital markets. Our current focus is providing non-recourse first lien construction and asset repositioning financing. Our loan programs are designed to provide an alternative for real estate investors and developers who cannot meet their financing needs through a traditional bank lending platform. By offering non-recourse terms, flexible underwriting standards, creative loan structures and fast execution, we help our clients achieve their goals.


Monberg is seeking first mortgage loan opportunities secured by commercial real estate, with an emphasis on construction financing.


  • Vast real estate experience
  • Investment knowledge and leadership
  • Entrepreneurial acumen and understanding
  • Flexible deal structures
  • Track record of successful loan transactions


  • Nationwide non-recourse loan program
  • Loan offerings between $10M and $100M
  • Targeted LTC’s between 60% and 75%
  • Loan terms between three and five years

Monberg provides real estate financing solutions through our direct network of lenders and private investors.

Construction Equipment Financing

We help merchants buy a piece of equipment for a construction job or business. Typically, you have to pay a down payment of around 10-30% of your equipment to minimize the risk for lenders. Also, many terms vary due to underwriting.

Terms of Lending

  • Rates from 5 - 12% APR.
  • Terms from 3 - 48 months.
  • Payments are monthly.


  • Six months bank statements.
  • Equipment quotes looking to be purchased.
  • Equipment list.
  • Personal financial statement.
  • Most recent business tax return.
  • Most recent personal tax return.
  • 25% cash in hand to put into equipment purchase.
  • Application.
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New Construction Financing

We offer construction loans to individuals or companies who do not have enough capital to finish a construction job or enough capital to start their project. A budget/detailed plan of the whole operation needs to be provided.

  • Rates from 6 - 12% APR.
  • Terms may vary from 12 - 18 months (concise because usually constructions are made fast).
  • Monthly payments.

Info on borrower/sponsor needs to be provided which may include a resume or a summary of experience and personal financial statement

Information on New Construction

  • Project summary.
  • Exit strategy (sell/rent).
  • Plans and drawings.
  • Detailed budget.
  • Hard costs (labor, materials, etc.).
  • Soft costs (plans, permits, interest, etc.).
  • Project estimated P&L (if to be sold).
  • Information about the deal’s gross margin (should be at least 20%).
  • Proposed timeline (permit phase, construction phase, marketing phase, sellout phase).
  • Construction company/GC bio.
  • The borrower provided comps.
  • Application.

Equipment as Collateral Financing

Our equipment collateral loans provide more capital than a traditional alternative financing loan. Any equipment that’s valued in excess to $20,000 can be mortgaged, including construction equipment, trucks, agricultural equipment or industrial equipment, etc.

Monberg Capital Partners
  • Rates from 5 - 20% APR.
  • Terms from 1 - 10 years.
  • Payments are weekly or monthly.

Business Line Program

The assets we look to secure should have minimum auction values of about $20,000 and can provide clients from $20,000-$3,000,000 secured by Equipment.

  • Credit Bureau Report.
  • Equipment Quote if applicable.
  • Three months bank statements.
  • Deal summary.
  • Facilities list.
  • Personal financial statement.
  • Real estate worksheet (if applicable).

App-Only Business Line Program

This is strictly for equipment only. The program lends money for equipment and not real estate. Loans from $20,000-$150,000 can be processed.

  • Credit bureau report.
  • Equipment quote.
  • Facilities list.
  • Banks - last three months of complete statements.
  • Three months bank statements.
  • Application.